Literacy and Math Enrichment

Each week, children will choose a topic of their choice for a writing project.  We know writing can tend to present a variety of challenges for elementary students, so we're placing a strong emphasis on this academic portion of camp and aim to bring writing to life in fun and meaningful ways.  Reading will naturally be a part of this process as children research their topic and use mentor texts as inspiration.  Daily adventures will be documented through journal entries to improve basic writing mechanics.  Math will be an outdoor experience.  We'll use the world around us to strengthen and challenge number sense.  


Outdoor adventures and observation will inform our writing projects and math experiences.  A few places we'll explore include the walking trail, beach, library, Farmers Market, local shops and playgrounds.    

Yoga and Mindfulness

Throughout all four weeks of camp, we will practice yoga and mindfulness to help us learn more about our bodies and minds.  We will focus primarily on building self-awareness, in order to become better problem solvers and decision makers.


A Typical Day at Camp

(Drop off and pick up at Venice or Manhattan Beach Library depending on your week.)

9:00 - 2:00*

Mindfulness Exercise 

Trail or Beach Walk/Run with Exploratory Component


Library - Writing Project

Lunch & Free Play

Outdoor Math


*half-day ends at lunch