Breathe & Learn After-School Yoga and Mindfulness Workshops

Our After-School Workshop follows a unique curriculum designed to support and strengthen elementary students social-emotional learning skills through the lens of yoga.  Each week, students investigate a particular theme which guides the class discussion and journaling.  Students also learn a specific breathing or mindfulness exercise, followed by daily yoga postures which are introduced and practiced in fun, engaging ways.  Class ends with a visualization to help students relax and reflect by connecting back to their breath.       


Workshop Components

  • Journal Work & Discussion
  • Breathing or Mindfulness Exercise
  • Yoga Poses & Flows
  • Partner Poses & Yoga Games
  • Relaxation & Visualization

Coed, all girls and mixed-age class options.  See below for workshop descriptions and offerings.     

 Registration Now Open for Spring 2018

Final Session of the Year!

Mar Vista Classes Run for 12 Weeks (Mar. 6 - May 31)

South Bay Classes Run for 10 Weeks (Mar. 19 -  May 28/June 4)


15% Sibling Discount Applies to All Rates Below

New Student Specials

Mar Vista - 12 Weeks - $300

South Bay - 10 Weeks - $250

Early Bird Returning Students (March 1st Deadline)

Mar Vista - 12 Weeks - $330

South Bay - 10 Weeks - $275

Late Registration Rates

Mar Vista - 12 Weeks - $360

South Bay - 10 Weeks - $300



Session 4


This is the final session of the school year!

Mar Vista - 12 weeks; Mar. 6 - May. 29

South Bay - 10 weeks; Mar. 19 - May 31

We'll finish off the year with a focus on "living a mindful life."  Students will engage in mindfulness activities and journaling, along with our favorite yoga games, partner poses and of course, relaxation. 

Class includes student journal and culminating parent/child class (last class of workshop).

*No classes during spring break or on Memorial Day



Session 3 

Workshop complete!

All session are 8 weeks.  Start dates vary depending on location. 

Class includes student journal and culminating parent/child class (last class of workshop).   

Mar Vista: Week of Jan. 8. - Week of Feb. 26

South Bay*: Week of Jan. 15 - Week of Mar. 5

A fresh start to 2018 with themes related to social competency skills.  Think teamwork games, partner poses and group yoga flows to help nourish relationships and develop empathy.  We'll continue to journal and practice mindfulness in each class as well.   

p.s. Coed classes now on the schedule!  

Past Workshops - Fall 2017


Session 1


A special, 8 week "Back to School" curriculum addressing topics relevant to the start of a new school year.  We'll journal, breathe, move and relax in order to support ourselves and each other during a time of transition and change.  

Workshops complete!


Session 2


Workshop length varies depending on location.

New themes, mindfulness exercises, games and poses!  We'll follow the same class structure and continue our yoga and mindfulness journey until winter break.  

Workshops complete!