Breathe & Learn Summer Camp 2018!

A Health & Wellness Retreat for Kids

 Yoga, Mindfulness, Enrichment & Exploration in Manhattan Beach

The Breathe & Learn Summer Camp was created to inspire and support kids in living a healthy, mindful life.  You know those adult health and wellness retreats you dream about? Well, we just created one for your kids.  If your child learns to nourish their body and mind with all of this goodness early on, they'll carry it with them on their journey through life (and teach you a few things too!).  

Here's a sneak peak...

Mindfulness Meditation Practice - nothing too serious, we make it fun and kid friendly!

Yoga on the Beach - poses, games, relaxation

Fitness Fun - beach games, relay races, scavenger hunts, team building, parachutes

Crafts - mind jars, mandalas, tie dye, painting, bubble making, nature glitter

Juicing/Cooking - fruits, veggies and healthy treats

Journaling - intention setting, meditations, yoga pose notes and daily reflections

Reading - library time to read and nourish our minds

And during all of this, we place a strong focus on developing social-emotional learning skills.  As teachers, we know the development of these important life skills often take a back seat to academics during the school year.  We believe it is vital to explicitly teach kids about concepts such as self- awareness, self-compassion, empathy and optimistic thinking (to name just a few).  At the same time, we understand the importance of equipping kids with the appropriate tools to self-soothe, regulate behavior and nourish friendships.

Summer is the perfect time to learn all of this "in the field".  We're not bound to the walls of a classroom, so this means hands-on, real world learning experiences in small groups and partnerships.  We'll encourage kids to create, question, discover, wonder and develop a true sense of self. We LOVE this type of work and are excited to use the beach, The Well Fitness Studio and local destinations as our classroom.  

July & August Camp Schedule  

Monday - Friday

Full Day Option - 9:00 - 3:00

Half Day Options

Morning - 9:00 - 12:30  OR  Afternoon - 11:30 - 3:00

*Junior Guard Afternoon Special* - Flexible drop off between 11:30 - 12:00

Ages: Girls and boys entering K - 5th grade. 

Big age range?  Yes, that's why we have two experienced classroom teachers every day!  This means 6:1 student- teacher ratio, lots of 1:1 attention and the ability to split into age appropriate groups for different activities.   

Location:  Manhattan Beach.  Morning drop off at the MB Pier (parking lot behind Shellback Tavern) and pick up at The Well Fitness Studio (815 Manhattan Ave -  Afternoon drop off at the MB Library.  Indoor times will include the MB Library and The Well.  

Important Note:  Our summer camp is unique because we limit the size to 12 children in order to enhance the learning experience and truly build a relationship with your child.  We're excited to support their growth this summer.  

Prices & Discounts:  15% Sibling Discount.  Add a week and save money!  See the price grid below.  Click to expand. 

Deposit now, Pay Later.

$100 non-refundable deposit reserves your spot.  You will be emailed an invoice with your balance.  

Need extended care?  We can usually accommodate this since we're small - just inquire and we'll let you know!

Registration includes customized Breathe & Learn backpacks, t-shirts and journals to enhance our work.