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After School Workshops

B&L Signature Series - 75 min; K - 6th Grade

Journal, Breathe, Move, Relax

The B&L Signature Series follows a unique curriculum designed to support and strengthen elementary and middle school students emotional intelligence through the lens of yoga and mindfulness.  Each week, students investigate a particular theme which guides the class discussion and journaling.  Students also learn a specific breathing or mindfulness exercise, followed by daily yoga postures which are introduced and practiced in fun, engaging ways.  Class ends with a visualization to help students relax and reflect by connecting back to their breath.

Breathe & Fly - Aerial Yoga - 75 min; 1st-3rd Grade & 4th - 8th Grade Coed

Journal, Breathe, Move, Fly, Relax

The Breathe & Fly Series combines mindfulness with the an introduction to aerial yoga. We'll follow a similar structure to the B&L Signature Series, but instead of yoga mats, we'll use silks during the movement portion to build strength, increase flexibility and have fun! 

Breathe & Stretch for Athletes - 75 min; 4th - 8th Grade

Journal, Breathe, Stretch, Strengthen, Relax

The Breathe & Stretch Series was designed for upper elementary and middle school students who are interested in learning more about how mindfulness and yoga can support athletics.  The curriculum focuses primarily on breathing techniques and the benefits of specific yoga poses.  Each week, we'll practice a breathing exercise and focus on stretching, strengthening and opening different parts of the body.   


Mindful Minis - 60 min; 4 & 5 year-olds

Listen, Breathe, Move, Relax

The Mindful Minis classes are now drop-in style.  You may purchase class packs and choose which weeks work for your schedule.  These classes are the perfect introduction to yoga and mindfulness for little yogis.  We'll follow a similar structure to the B&L Signature Series and simply add books, coloring and tracing in place of journaling.  Creative stories, imaginative yoga play and fun props will help enrich the classes and keep engagement levels high!

Special Events

Nourishing a Healthy Mind & Body

We host special health and wellness events almost every weekend! 

Here's a peak at the 2020 schedule...

Beach yoga 

Sound baths

Crafting workshops

Mother-Daughter classes

Family Yoga

Family Meditation


2020 Event Schedule is  Live!

Summer Camps

B&L Summer Camp 2020 - Manhattan Beach

The Breathe & Learn Summer Camp was created to inspire and support kids in living a healthy, mindful life and strengthen social-emotional learning skills in fun and creative ways throughout the summer months.   If your child learns to nourish their mind and body with all of this goodness early on, they'll carry it with them on their journey throughout life (and teach you a few things too!). 

2020 Summer Schedule

9:00am - 1:00 pm

Details and dates will be released in March

In the meantime, check out the fun from last year on our Instagram Highlights - @breatheandlearn

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