The Breathe & Learn Facilitator Program 

Become a Breathe & Learn Facilitator and use yoga and mindfulness to create nurturing, mindful spaces for kids to flourish and thrive!


The Facilitator Program is led by Breathe & Learn Founder and CEO, Joanie Plake.  Her experiences in elementary and middle school classrooms and as an adult yoga teacher, informed the development of the B&L curriculum and this training.



  • M.A. Childhood and Special Education from New York University

  • 200hr RYT 

  • Children's Yoga Ed. Certification 


Breathe & Learn is a curriculum-based yoga and mindfulness program for elementary and middle-school children. Our mission is to create a positive and safe environment where students can be self reflective and use yoga and mindfulness as tools to strengthen their emotional intelligence.


The curriculum was designed through the lens of emotional intelligence and yoga, and focuses on four main skills: self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management. All weekly topics support the development of these four core skills. The first half of the curriculum focuses on the personal competency skills, while the second half addresses the social competency skills.



This training is recommended for educators, yoga practitioners and individuals committed to doing meaningful work with children and bringing more yoga, mindfulness and beauty to their lives.


Learn at your own pace and access an organized library of materials and instruction for an entire year. This program suits practicing yogis best. If you’re not sure if it's right for you, please send an email my way. 

We believe yoga and mindfulness offer an opportunity to teach important life skills and plant the seeds for a lifetime of health and wellness.  Join us on our mission to share this gift with children.  

This training has everything you need to get started!

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