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Hi! One of my favorite things I own is my planner.  I love it.  I love handwriting dates, appointments, notes, ideas…all of it.  Even if the same information lives in two places (I love a google calendar invite), there is something about the physical act of writing things down.     It organizes my brain and I can't live without it!  I typically avoid the big planners with all of the bells and whistles.  Less is more.  However, the planner I ended up buying in January was a tad larger than normal.  It caught my eye, in the sale section of Anthropologie, because of two pages that show up at the end of each month. 1.  A Monthly Reflection  2.  Dreams and Plans (for the next one) SOLD. I get a rush of energy each month when it's time for this process.  Today is the day and what perfect timing...a delayed plane ride with nothing but a pretty blue felt-tip pen and my planner:)  I barely realized we were on the runway for an hour and a half.   Why do I obsess over these pages? I've learned that it's easy to get caught up in everything you didn’t get done over the past month. But what about everything you did accomplish?  Surely you didn’t sit on your a$$ for 30 days!   Celebrate the successes and prepare for a fresh start.  I recall my sister reminding me of this as I began my entrepreneurial journey.  I can hear her saying it over an over in my head every time I begin to question if I've done enough.   So, don’t wait until December to celebrate, reflect and set goals.  Today is a beautiful day to start.   Feel free to use the template from my planner below. Reflections - June 2018* Goals I met: Opportunities for next time: Things that made me smile: Dream & Plan - July 2018* Accomplish this month: Treat myself to: Saving for: *Friendly tip - keep it simple.  Just three for each category.   Here’s to month #7 of 2019!   xo Joanie Plake Founder of B&L | M.A. Childhood & Special Education | E-RYT 200 p.s.  The Breathe & Learn Facilitator program is coming together nicely:).  Downloadable materials, audio files, videos and more!  Stay tuned for the launch date.  

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