Do you have a peace corner?

The peace corner.

A CHOSEN place to visit. Not a punishment. Not a time out.

A place with all of the things that help you feel better.

Help you smile.

Help you breathe.

Help you reflect.

Help you reset.

I've created peace corners in my classrooms and in homes over the past six years and I've seen magical results. If this is a new concept though, you may be wondering a few things (especially if you're a classroom teacher with 20+ kids).

What if two or more children need the peace corner?

How long can they stay in there?

What if I'm teaching a lesson they can't miss?

How often can they visit it?

How do I control it?

The beauty of the peace corner is that you create it TOGETHER. This is an opportunity for you to build community in your classroom (or at home) and develop this special place one day at time. When children become a part of the creation, it becomes more meaningful and therefore, less likely to be misused.

Don't get me wrong, you will have your fair share of teachable moments. You may be in the middle of a lesson and have to stop teaching to address one of the issues above. Or, you're about to head out the door and your child is feeling their feelings in this new found place.

This is what it is all about though. You're supporting the development of self-awareness and self-regulation skills that will last a lifetime. Children will discover and experiment with ways to independently calm themselves when overwhelmed by emotion - something we ALL need and continue to work on:)

It takes time and patience to build, but it is WORTH IT. When you step back and watch this magical place do it's work, you will feel the peace. Your classroom or your household will benefit in so many ways. Not to mention, you will learn a lot about your children too.

As we begin to transition into a new school year, perhaps now is the perfect time to introduce a peace corner.

Possible Daily Lessons:

What is a peace corner?

What should we put in our peace corner?

How do we take care of our peace corner (a list of expectations to hang in the peace corner)?

Possible Items for your Peace Corner:


Mind Jar

Sand Timer

Stress ball

Stuffed Animal (aka breathing buddy)

Small blanket

Mandalas to color

Paper to draw/write

Essential Oil diffuser

Breathing Ball (Hoberman breathing sphere)




Brainstorm items with kids first.

Add one or two items at time.

Discuss its use, importance and how to take care it.

Most importantly, get excited about it with your children and start making a list. I'll be making one on Wednesday, so stay tuned on Instagram!


Joanie Plake

Founder of B&L | M.A. Childhood & Special Education | E-RYT 200

p.s. The fall schedule is LIVE! Check it out and book your spot now!*

*Mindful Minis is back on the schedule. Drop-off your 4&5 year-olds for an hour with me on Thursdays!

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