Live in the present or plan for the future?

Hi there!

Now that summer camp is underway, I've been truly enjoying the day to day with our cute little campers in the sunshine.  Being present, living in the moment...all of that good stuff that brings us happiness, right?

Well, a continual challenge for me as I enjoy the summer months is the balance of presence and planning.  Am I ever living in the present if I'm always planning for the future?  

On a run the other day, I answered my own question.

Yes.  You can be present in the moment and plan for the future.  

Sure, planning for the fall can seem like I'm wishing summer away.  Or, from a different perspective, it's actually creating time and space to enjoy living in the present moment by relieving any worries and stress that may arise without a plan for the future.  

I LOVE to plan, so questioning this idea was quite bothersome.  I'm glad I did though, because everything has become clearer on this whole presence vs. planning thing and I hope it helps you reflect as we approach a new season with a lot of outside pressures to plan (fall schedules, back to school, holidays).

Why do I love planning so much?  A plan gives me a purpose, a feeling of confidence and personal power.  It excites me, it keeps me moving forward and working towards goals.  I've also learned that with a plan must come flexibility,  a willingness to let go of any expectations and become comfortable with truly not knowing how things will unfold.  

So, as I get excited about the fall and begin planning more special events and holiday camps, I realize my planning is being done in the present and setting me up for success in the future. 

I can be present and plan (and so can you).   


Joanie Plake Founder of B&L | M.A. Childhood & Special Education | E-RYT 200

p.s. The fall schedule is LIVE!  Check it out and book your spot now, so you can enjoy the rest of your summer knowing your child is set up for success as they transition into a new school year:) 

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