My First Time Skiing

Embarrassed.  Excited.  Cautious.  Clumsy. Nervous.

Just a few of the emotions I felt as I attempted to walk in my skis across the snow and conquer the bunny hill.  I skied once in fourth grade and have a few memories of "ski school" and the conveyer belt that transported me back to the top.  I don't recall having strong feelings about the experience.  If anything, I was probably cold. 

After my dreams were set on starring in the WNBA, I never set foot on the slopes again.  Every coach (basketball and lacrosse) put a serious fear of injury in my mind.

Soooo fast forward to 34 and two knee surgeries later.  I really resisted this one.  Fear of injury or my will never know for sure.  Maybe both;).  I was quickly reminded that trying something new is never easy in the beginning.  I felt and looked ridiculous (think Bambi on ice in a helmet).  I fell a lot.  I got back up (in the most uncoordinated looking way possible).  I was laughed at many times. I laughed at myself.  I mastered the pizza.  I became over confident in my skills.  I went too fast.  I fell pretty hard.  Learned my lesson.  Learned a lot.    

I looked like a 90 year old on the slopes and it was the best.  Thanks to my mom for capturing way to much of this footage.  

I'm sharing this because it was a big reminder to me that children are trying new things ALL of the time (and it's easy to forget this).  Imagine the emotions they must be experiencing on the daily.  They've only been on this planet for a handful of years, so it's likely that they're facing new situations and trying new things more often than not.  We're here to support and encourage them through it all, so go easy, be patient and find a balance as you push them to be the best version of themselves this year.  

My advice to you, step out of your comfort zone and go try something new too!

Here's to new adventures and experiences in 2020!


Joanie Plake Founder of B&L | M.A. Childhood & Special Education | E-RYT 200

p.s. Follow along on Instagram this week - @breatheandlearn - to see photos and videos of yours truly on the slopes.  

One more thing, local classes BEGIN TOMORROW!  We have quite a few opportunities for your children to try something new.  Click here to check out the schedule and book online. 

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