Time to create space...

My trunk is a yoga studio and pre-school on wheels. The benefit? I usually have everything I need and more when heading out to teach a class or even on a weekend getaway- yoga mats galore, woohoo! The challenge? Keeping it organized!

Last fall, I visited the container store because I couldn't take it anymore. I'm proud of the organizational system I created, but at times it really starts to breakdown. Right now is one of those times. Between camp, private lessons, volunteering and summer fun, things have become extra messy and my trunk has exploded into my garage and my apartment (with a dusting of sand covering it all).

So, I start again...after visiting Home Goods and Target for a few more containers and cute office supplies, of course.

Your physical environment, whether it be your car, office, bedroom, kitchen or classroom greatly affect your mood and productivity (and your kids!).

I've learned that a good clean creates space, which can be felt both physically and emotionally.

For me, an organized and clean work space and car are essential for my peace of mind and productivity. Are they always clean and organized? Absolutely not. But, I recognize when they're not and take action. That's what matters.

Notice what changes you can make to your physical spaces today, so you can hit the ground running this fall. And, if you have kids, don't forget to involve them too!! They're the best little helpers and will be a big part of keeping up the organization too.

"The objective of cleaning is not just to clean, but to feel happiness living within that environment."

-Marie Kondo


Joanie Plake

Founder of B&L | M.A. Childhood & Special Education | E-RYT 200


p.s. If you're really curious about my trunk, I'll be posting photos on Instagram this week and have kindly made a long list below, should you care to read;) This is a true look at all of my yoga and mindfulness supplies I use to teach and other random personal items. Enjoy and happy cleaning!

Mindfulness & Yoga Toys



Breathing Ball (Hoberman breathing sphere)

Beanie Babies

Sand timers

Barrel of Monkeys

Mind Jars

Ping Pong Balls

Stress balls

Eye pillows (aka wash clothes with essential oils)

Essential Oils

Crystals and random stones

Singing bowl

Yoga pose card sets (B&L, Yoga Pretzels and Little Flower Yoga)


Colored pencils








Chinese finger traps

Craft pom poms

Pipe Cleaners

Summer Camp Explosion

Rice (for eye pillows)



Raint brushes

Paint pens


Coconut oil


Book Box (updated list coming soon!)

My Random Items


Laundry detergent

Boxing gloves

Yoga blocks

Yoga mats

Yoga straps

Therapy balls

Lacrosse balls


Madewell bag (they're having a great sale right now)


Bkr water bottle

Cleaning wipes

B&L Hat

B&L apparel container (fall items coming soon!)

Kids water bottle (anyone still looking for the brand new, mini blue Hydroflask?)

Two bags of math, reading and writing tutoring supplies (clearly needs condensed)

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