Two years ago...

I was running the last week of summer camp by myself (just 4 kids).

  • My niece was resting in Savasana, giving herself a massage

  • I was planning my fall classes and creating messy google documents

  • I was taking pictures of sunsets

  • I went to a Sam Hunt concert with my roommate

  • I attended a really cool Circle Ways professional development workshop at my former school

  • My boyfriend showed me how he could hit a home run (I didn't know him in his baseball days)

  • I was house sitting for friends in Redondo

  • I hosted a mother-daughter back-to-school yoga workshop

  • I watched a partial solar eclipse

  • My brother was struggling

  • I tried hosting a class in Santa Monica, it failed

  • I taught my last weekend kids class at Soho Yoga

  • I taught a workshop at Athleta

  • I began teaching a middle school yoga and mindfulness elective at my former school

  • My fall workshops began

The coolest one...

My wall was covered in post-it's because I was trying to make sense of my ideas and the journals I was creating. I wanted to create a curriculum, not just worksheets and random lessons in a workbook. I knew there had to be a theme, a structure, a flow and a reason behind my decisions.

This process began August 22, 2017. Pretty crazy timing if you ask me.

A little progress each day adds up to big results.

I'm proud to finally share the Breathe & Learn curriculum with educators, parents, caregivers and any individual committed to doing meaningful work with children. The journals have transformed my teaching and allowed me to share yoga and mindfulness with children in a meaningful, fun way.

Click here to learn more about the B&L Facilitator Program and register. As promised, here is your discount code - enter "teach10" at checkout. It expires in one week, so take advantage of it sooner than later!

Oh, and finally, how did I remember all of these things?

Pick up your phone, got to your photos and type in August 2017.

Where were you two years ago? It could be tough to recall certain memories, but there is no doubt something to celebrate.

What progress should you be celebrating TODAY?



Joanie Plake

Founder of B&L | M.A. Childhood & Special Education | E-RYT 200

p.s. Please don't be shy about sharing feedback or asking questions about the program. Also, August 2017 photo memories coming this week to IG stories. But for now, here's my post-it wall and adorable niece.

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