Yoga Buddies

Yoga buddies are the best! 

I found yoga thanks to my OG yoga buddy Simone and I continued to strengthen my practice thanks to many others.  To all of the friends I've invited (maybe convinced/dragged) to class with me, I treasure all of those yoga dates.  I've deepened existing relationships because of yoga and met so many loving and compassionate souls as well.  I'm grateful to have a long list of yoga buddies.  

Breathe & Learn offers kids the time and space to build and nourish healthy friendships (aka yoga buddies!) through yoga and mindfulness.  The journaling, the breathing, the movement, the games, the laughter, the relaxation; all portions of class teach kids more about themselves and others.  

The yoga buddy special is here to thank all of you for spreading the word about Breathe & Learn and encourage others to join us too.

Peace, love and yoga.  It's all we really need, right?;)   

Here's how to take advantage of The Yoga Buddy Special TODAY!

Help your child find a buddy (friend or sibling, new or returning) Choose the class they'll attend together (must be the same class - see schedule*)Register together (same form and payment)Use the code "yogabuddy15" at checkoutSAVE 15%

Inhale...exhale....  You're all set for a mindful start to 2020!


Joanie Plake Founder of B&L | M.A. Childhood & Special Education | E-RYT 200

p.s.  This "Cyber Monday" special is starting early!  You have until midnight on the 2nd to take advantage of it:)

p.p.s. If you're not local, thanks for being a part of the B&L community.  Go grab a yoga buddy and enjoy a class together at your favorite studio.  We promise it will feel good.  

*This offer does not apply to Mindful Minis classes due to the new class package structure which is already offered at a discounted rate.  

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