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Breathe & Learn is a kids yoga and mindfulness company with a passion for health and wellness.  We create a positive and safe environment where students can be self-reflective and use yoga and mindfulness as tools to strengthen their emotional intelligence.  

"Just Breathe"

"The film is entirely unscripted – what the kids say is based purely on their own neuro-scientific understanding of difficult emotions, and how they cope through breathing and meditation. They, in turn, are teaching us all..."

This films reminds me of why I chose to be an educator and join the CWC Mar Vista community when I moved to Los Angeles over three years ago.  Although I am no longer a full-time teacher at the school, I am grateful for the opportunities I was given to teach different social-emotional curriculums each year.    I am moved by the work that continues to happen at CWC and look forward to the day when all schools embrace and adopt mindfulness curriculums.  The children and adults in this film hold a special place in my heart.  

Joanie Plake, Founder & CEO